What is Gulet?

A new concept in marine literature - the Turkish gullet. These boats` sizes vary between 15 and 35 meters and are constructed in Turkey along traditional lines by sea-faring family firms using slightly changed techniques over the centuries. However, they have been adapted to the most stringent of traveler's requirements and now offer luxury and good taste not found in any other craft of similar history and background. Gullets make ideal charter boats - which is their main use in Turkey.

Full cooking facilities are fitted and gullets are built for long sea voyages as well as inshore coastal trips. They make an ideal holiday home in which to explore offshore areas in comfort and style. They are floating exceptions for recreational activities - and it is this aspect which could be the gullets most exciting adaptation to the gulf.

Tourism is now becoming an area of increasing importance and gullet sailing would be a very popular option for hotels to offer visitors. Corporate entertaining would take on a new dimension if it took place on a traditional wooden boat - reminiscent of the Ottomans in the eastern Mediterranean. The climate in Turkey also makes a gullet the ideal place to entertain your friends or business visitors.

Traditionally hand made by master craftsmen, attractive wooden motor sailers (gulets) are our fleet of comfortable vessels are ideal for charters.
Gulets broad, beamy hulls give spacious decks and high headroom below. The foredeck makes a large sun bathing area and the huge aftdeck provides a shady cushioned area for relaxing and eating al fresco. The saloon is fitted with a bar, library and for your enterainment HI-FI system, as per your request TV and telephone.

Light and airy below decks, each cabin has a double or twin berths some also have an upper single bunk. All cabins have opening port holes, and a large number of boats have ducted airconditioning. Each cabin has en-suite hot and cold shower, basin and wc.

All gulettes have plenty of storage fresh water and fuel. Fridges, freezers and ice-boxes keep provisions fresh allowing you to stay away from port for days and enjoy your your holiday to the upmost. Sail are raaised infavouruble breezes but guletes tend to rely on their powerful engines. For private charter groups we have a wide selection of gulettes varying from four to ten cabins. Our professional team will help you decide according to your needs and budget.

Gulet Types

The traditional wooden yachts are built mainly in Bodrum and other parts of Southwest Turkey. In Northern Black Sea Region the boat yards usually built fishing boats, but some beautiful traditional yachts are being constructed recently. These boats built handmade by local carpenters. They use generally pine or oak wood for the skeleton of the boats, the skeleton cover is made of pine or tetra, the deck teak, the cabins pine or mahagony, the masts white oak wood or iron. The boats are both motor and sailing yachts. Yacht charters take place on comfortable, locally built wooden yachts of several designs and sizes:

Gullet: The most popular type of traditional yacht for the "Blue Cruise" is the gullet. It is a cruising yacht with large, rounded stern area which is well-suited for comfartable eating and lounging. Gullets usually have ketch (marconi) or schooner-rigging, with one, two or three foresails. Their lenghts change between 15 to 35 meters and they accommodate 6 to 16 persons in 3 to 8 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC.

Aynakic: It has a raised, squared-off stern that allows space for additional cabins below compared to a gullet. There may be a large master cabin at the stern. They accommodate 8 to 24 persons in 4 to 12 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC. They are generally ketch (marconi)-rigging and measure 16 to 35 meters.

Tirhandil: It is the oldest type of local wooden boat with a pointed stern which is suited best for sailing in Aegean waters. Originally most had lateen sails; now the rigging varies from sloop to cutter to gaff. They normally measure between 11 to 18 meters in lenght and accommodate 6 to 8 persons in 3 to 4 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC.

How the "Blue Cruises" Started

This most popular of sea adventures began quite by mistake when a few years after the foundation of the Turkish Republic, a political writer, Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, was exiled to Bodrum for publishing a story about army fugitives.

The judges who sentenced Cevat Sakir to a number of years in the remote port knew nothing of its lifestyle, which as Cevat Sakir found out, was something like paradise. He settled down and adopted the name, the "Fisherman of Halicarnassus", writing stories about the town and its locals- in particular, the fishermen.

On his regular outings with fishermen, he gradually got to know the various coves and bays in the Gulf of Gokova. When visiting intellectuals from Istanbul dropped in, he took the opportunity to introduce them to the fisherman's way of life. Together they constructed a theory of culture which embraced the cultures of all the people who lived in Asia Minor.
Sakir's tours of the Gulf of Gokova became famous and were given the name, "Mavi Yolculuk" or "Blue Cruise", and at this point, we wish to pay our gratitude to the man who inspired this voyage of exploration - the source of enjoyment for many thousands of people for almost 60 years.


- A towel for sunbathing and taking ashore.
- A sweater for evenings.
- Washing powder or travel wash is useful.
- Suntan lotion or cream. (not suntan oil to avoid slipping on / or staining the deck)
- Mosquito repellent. (you can buy this when you arrive, Turkish repellent is very effective against mosquitoes)
- A pair of cheap canvas or plastic shoes you don''t mind getting wet for use on the windsurf or on rocks.
- A small amount of Turkish Lira for entrance to historical sights.
- Cigarettes, if you are a smoker, they are sometimes hard to find at sea. (Smoking is not allowed in the cabins)
- Adequate insurance to cover watersports.
- Gratuity for the crew (at your own discretion)
- Snorkelling equipment for keen snorkellers, there are several sets onboard, but you may have to wait your turn.
- A travel adapter for any of your electrical appliances, the Turkish system is two round pins.


- Deckshoes for the boat, as no footwear is worn onboard.
- A lot of warm clothing.
- Towels for the cabin, these are provided.
- Hairdryers, these are provided.
- A lot of Turkish Lira, it is best to change you cash or traveller''s cheques locally as required.
- You can obtain cash from your credit cards at cash dispensers or banks, but cards cannot be used in all places.